13 10 2010

The COCD-Box is a selection method with a specific goal. Normally there’s a threat in the convergence phase that people will fall back into their patterns and chose routinely and defensive, but the COCD-Box requires you to also chose and elaborate the unusual ideas. With the COCD-Box there are no ‘good’ ideas, you will be dividing the ideas in blue, red and yellow ideas.

Blue ideas are known and doable. There’s not a lot of effort in executing these ideas.

Red ideas are new and doable. These ideas have something innovative and they’re exciting, but there will be more effort in executing them because of the newness.

Yellow ideas are new, but they’re not doable. With the yellow ideas you will have no clue about how to execute these ideas.

Problem/challenge: Coming up with ideas for a new shampoo
Blue idea: 2 in 1 shampoos
Red idea: Shampoo with a new smell/colour
Yellow idea: Shampoo that stimulates hair growth




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