23 10 2010

On this weblog you can read the explanations and examples of techniques used during the creative sessions. The explanations are written in such way that those who have zero knowledge of these techniques can understand them easily.

What is a creative session?
A creative session is a session to generate ideas on how to solve a particular problem. When organising a creative session, you can use the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Model. This model divides the session into six areas, each area beholds some phases.  To make sure the creative session goes the way it should go, there are some rules to it:

  • Defer judgement
  • Be open when in session (respect privacy)
  • Give extra thought to naive ideas
  • Everybody’s equal, there’s no place for arrogance
  • Go for quantity

Creative techniques
Craetive techniques are methods to stimulate the creativity during a session. These methods help people to come up with more and different ideas. The creative techniques that will be discussed on this blog are:

  • Direct analogy – Diverge phase
  • Something good – Converge phase
  • Slice & dice – Diverge phase
  • Gallery method – Converge phase
  • NAF-technique – Converge phase
  • Wishful thinking – Diverge phase
  • Random stimulation – Diverge phase
  • COCD-Box – Converge phase
  • Superheroes – Diverge phase
  • Post-it brainstorm – Diverge phase